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SNR #79: Eric Helms – Nutrition For Powerlifters

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Episode 79: 3DMJ coach Eric Helms returns to the show to discuss important nutrition considerations for powerlifting.

Guest Bio

Eric Helms


A competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter with a couple of masters degrees as well as currently doing doctoral research for a strength & conditioning based PhD. Eric’s a coach for raw powerlifters, natural bodybuilders, and serious weight lifters of all walks of life. Eric has a comprehensive array of certifications in the fields of personal training, performance enhancement, sports nutrition and strength and conditioning.

He has a Bachelor’s in Sports Management: Fitness and Wellness, and a Master’s in Exercise Science & Health Promotion: Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention from the California University of Pennsylvania. He also has a Master’s of Philosophy from AUT in Auckland, New Zealand with a thesis titled “Exploring protein and macronutrient intakes in lean bodybuilders during caloric restriction.”

He has published numerous peer reviewed journal articles and commercial fitness magazine articles in the fitness, nutrition, strength and bodybuilding fields. He’s continuing his studies as a PhD student in Strength & Conditioning researching auto-regulation in resistance training at AUT.

As a part of the 3DMuscleJourney coaching staff he acts as a coach for raw powerlifters, natural bodybuilders, and serious weight lifters of all walks of life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Refeeds: Where do we stand right now?
  • Deciding whether to move up or down a weight class
  • Using your Wilks’ score to determine the effectiveness of a dieting period
  • Most common aspects of diet that powerlifters need to address
  • How much weight to cut for both 2-hour and 24-hour weigh-ins
  • Eric’s opinion of what messages should be more and less prevalent in the fitness industry

Links & Resources:

Eric on ResearchGate

Eric’s nutritional pyramid

3D Muscle Journey Website

3DMJ YouTube page

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