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Become more confident in your nutrition knowledge, whilst supporting ethical, non-sensationalist, and accurate content.

  • More deeply understand
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  • Easily and efficiently revise
  • Create better content

Is this for me?

You already spend hours listening to nutrition podcasts and reading up on topics.

What if you now had a resource that helps you get much more out of your time and effort?

As you’re a regular Sigma Nutrition listener, that means a few things…

  • You find nutrition fascinating and important.
  • You get a buzz from the feeling of understanding a topic better.
  • You want to learn from true experts doing nutrition research or working in nutrition practice.

But, like us, you’re allergic to the unethical, misleading, sensationalist information that floods the internet.

You want scientific discussions that are not only fascinating but are also accurate, objective and truly evidence-based.

And you know that podcasts are one of the best ways to access such discussions and keep up with the latest research and insights from the greatest minds in nutrition & health science.

But there can be a few challenges in using podcasts for educational purposes…

  • Have you ever listened to a podcast episode and found it absolutely fascinating, but then a few days later you find yourself unable to remember all the details that you’d like to?
  • Or maybe you remember feeling that you wish you could quickly revise over material, without having to re-listen to the whole episode?
  • Has there been times when you’ve felt you only vaguely understand a concept or term mentioned in an episode?
  • You know, those times when you get the feeling you’re just missing some background information.
  • Or perhaps you really enjoyed a detailed discussion, but are left wondering “what are the key takeaway points?” or “what does this mean for my dietary choices or advice to others?”

Sigma Nutrition Premium solves all of these challenges for you!

And if you want to really study and learn from the content you consume, you’re probably leaving a lot of knowledge on the table if you only passively listen.

That’s why we’ve created Sigma Nutrition Premium.

Through a number of awesome resources, you can get far more from every podcast episode you listen to…

What resources do I get? (Subscriber Features)

As a Premium subscriber you get exclusive access to:

  • Detailed Study Notes
  • ‘Key Ideas’ Segments
  • Episode Transcripts
  • Exclusive Premium-only Episodes
  • Exclusive AMA Sessions

What’s the best way to take your learning to the next level? By treating your podcast listening like true study.

But what about if you didn’t have to create study notes yourself?

Imagine having a detailed set of notes crafted for you…

Key terms explained, background context laid out, concise descriptions of, and all the details of an episode laid out clearly in text format.

Well, now you don’t have to imagine, we provide you with high-quality study notes, made by Danny and the Sigma team.

One of the most effective ways of consolidating learning is to have a clear revision of the main ideas after the material has been discussed.

So it’d be great to have this for every podcast episode, right?

Or maybe you’ve always wondered what Danny sees as the key points from an episode after he’s done an interview?

Well now, at the end of each podcast episode, Premium subscribers will hear Danny give his 2-3 key ideas from that discussion.

Full transcripts will be available only to Premium subscribers.

The episode transcripts a fantastic resource if you want to revise the material, if English isn’t your first language, or you want to copy a particular quote from the episode to reference in any content you are creating.

Premium subscribers will get exclusive, full-length bonus episodes directly in their feed every month.

To see an example, check out these previews of two Premium-exclusive episodes:

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Once you have subscribed, the most important step is to connect to our Sigma Nutrition Premium feed in your podcast player. This is where you will find all the premium content that your subscription bought you.

The Premium feed is separate from the public Sigma Nutrition Radio feed. The free, public feed won’t automatically update with the premium content. Instead, you will have to add Sigma Nutrition Premium to your podcast player to listen to the member-only content.

This is a really simple and quick process. And it is all clearly explained in your initial email you receive on subscribing. If you need more details you can read this step-by-step guide.

The content archive can be found here.

When you’re logged-in as a Premium subscriber, you’ll automatically see the detailed study notes, summary of key ideas and the episode transcript when you go to the show notes page for that episode (linked in the episode description in your podcast app).

If you are not logged-in, you’ll see the content is locked. There will be a link to log-in if needed.

Note: Detailed Study Notes are available from episode 428 onwards.

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your subscription page. Once you cancel, you’ll continue to receive premium benefits for the remainder of your payment period.

You can learn how to manage your subscription and change any details in this simple guide.

Yes. We know how many nutrition, medicine and health science students rely on our content as a valuable adjunct resource to their studies. So we currently offer currently enrolled students 20% off the normal price (So $12 USD/month).

In order to get the discount…

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Once we’ve received your application and confirmed your status, we’ll email you a secure link where you can subscribe to Sigma Nutrition Premium at the discounted rate.

The student discount lasts for a period of 12 months. If you are still a student after that, you can simply re-apply for the student rate.

Yes! Just click on the “Gift” button above. You can choose how long your gift subscription applies for. Your credit card won’t be associated with the subscription, and to continue after the gift period, the subscriber will need to provide payment info.

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We know that some of our loyal, regular podcast listeners may wish to subscribe to our Premium membership, but for a variety of reasons may not be able to afford it right now.

Whether you’ve recently been out of work, suffered a significant financial hit, or perhaps live in a region where economic issues may the full price difficult to afford, we still want to allow those most interested to keep up their subscription.

So if you’re genuinely in a tough spot, but are a regular listener or current subscriber, you can subscribe at half-price ($7.50 p/m) for a period of up to six months, no questions asked. Just click here to do so.

If at that time you’re able to afford the subscription then great! If not, simply cancel and request a renewal until you’re back on your feet.

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