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Why Trust Sigma Nutrition?
  • Content at a specific level – We DON’T do nutrition basics and simple tips or make content for the general public. Our content is geared specifically for nutritionists, dietitians, health professionals, nutrition science students and academics.
  • Ethical & objective information – Help us fight back against the overwhelming amount of pseudoscientific nutrition information that is created. We don’t promote a specific diet. We only care about accurate representation of nutrition science.
  • Trusted by nutrition academics and renowned dietitians/nutritionists – Our audience includes a large number of people working in nutrition research and high-level dietetics and medical positions.
  • Domain expertise – All of our team creating podcast episodes and written material come from a nutrition science background academically. And our podcast guests are legitimate experts in the topics they discuss.
  • We rely on you! – We don’t write fear-mongering diet books. We don’t run ads for pseduoscientific “wellness” products. We don’t sell magical “cure-all” solutions to profit off people. Sigma Nutrition relies solely on you, it’s supportive listeners, to fund our content creation and to keep the bills paid. If you want to do so, check out Sigma Nutrition Premium.

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