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SNR #109: Ben Esgro, RD – Physiology, Abuse of Science & Silver Bullet Theory

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Episode 109: Ben Esgro of De Novo Nutrition discusses the complexity of physiology, how using science can be abused and the pitfalls of silver bullet theory.

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Guest Bio

Ben Esgro, RD

Ben is the founder and COO of De Novo Nutrition. The company has both consulting and supplement branches, based on objective science and ethical practice.

Ben is a registered dietitian (RD), as well as having a Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Science (MS) from Marywood University.

He has over 6 years experience of coaching and programming for individuals all the way from general population folks all the way up to elite competitors, such as IPF Worlds 93kg silver medalist Layne Norton.

In addition to being a highly-regarded coach, he is also an accomplished competitor as both a USBF Pro Qualified Natural Bodybuilder and an internationally qualified IPF powerlifter.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ben’s biggest influences
  • Abusing science: fake “science-based” individuals
  • Interpretation and application of research – misconception of what science actually is
  • Complexity of physiology
  • Silver Bullet Theory
  • Positive and negative messages within nutrition

Links & Resources:

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De Novo Consulting

Physiology & Philosophy: Scientist or celebrity – Why do you science? Ep. 2

Twitter – De Novo Nutrition

Facebook – De Novo Nutrition

Gorilla Suit: My Adventures In Bodybuilding – Bob Paris

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