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SNR #80: Dr. Susan Kleiner, PhD – Performance Nutrition for Women in High Intensity Sport

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Episode 80: Susan Kleiner, PhD., is on the show to discuss how female trainees should optimally fuel themselves, problems with low-carbohydrate diets and how many athletes undereat.



Guest Bio

Susan Kleiner, PhD. 



Dr. Kleiner’s credentials include a PhD in Nutrition and RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN certifications and honors. She is a founder and fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and a fellow of the American College of Nutrition. She is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and The National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Dr. Kleiner has consulted with professional teams and team members, including the Seattle Seahawks, Mariners, Storm, Thunderbirds and Supersonics, the Cleveland Browns and Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, Olympians and elite athletes in countless sports.

Dr. Kleiner is the co-founder and co-CEO of Vynna, LLC, high performance by women for women, and the owner of High Performance Nutrition, LLC, a consulting firm in Mercer Island, Washington, as well as the author of seven books, including POWER EATING.

 In this episode we discuss:

  • Areas of nutrition that female athletes most commonly need to address
  • Diet fads vs. performance nutrition
  • Low-carbohydrate diets and high-intensity performance
  • Gender differences in nutritional requirements
  • Performance Supplementation

Links & Resources:

Dr. Kleiner’s website

Vynna Performance Nutrition LLC

Power Eating 4e

Tarnopolsky M. – Gender differences in carbohydrate loading are related to energy intake.

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