Can Fasting Increase Longevity?

One propsed intervention that has garnered a lot of excitement, owing to some interesting research, is the potential use of fasting to increase longevity and/or healthspan. Within this broad category, various different dietary interventions have been suggested, including various forms of intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating, dietary restriction of certain nutritients, calorie restriction or a “fasting-mimicking” diet.
But what does the current evidence tell us? Do the conclusions match the excitement? Which claims are grounded in solid science and which ones are pseudoscientific extrapolations?

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Vitamin D and COVID-19: What Do We Know?

Vitamin D deficiency has been proposed to play a role in coronavirus infection. In addition, vitamin D supplementation has been explored as a potential adjunct treatment for those with severe COVID-19 infection. This Sigma Statement aims to summarize the available evidence regarding the potential role of vitamin D status, vitamin D genotypes and vitamin D supplementation and the risk of COVID-19 infection and mortality.

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