Recommended Resources

Research Reviews

  1. MASS: Monthly Applications in Strength Sport - a monthly release of detailed breakdowns of the very latest research relevant to strength trainees, strength sport athletes and bodybuilders. Produced by Greg Nuckols, Eric Helms, Eric Trexler and Mike Zourdos, it's invaluable to have these four guys trawl through research papers, pick out the most relevant and interesting stuff, interpret it correctly and explain it in an understandable manner.

  2. Alinea Nutrition Education Hub - Alan Flanagan delivers an evidence-based analysis of key issues in nutrition science. Aimed at healthcare professionals, with the goal of developing a greater ability to understand and assess nutrition research in detail.

  3. Weightology Research Review - James Krieger's monthly research review, covering a wide breadth of topics; obesity research, fat loss nutrition, hypertrophy programming, and all sorts of areas that relate to health and body composition.

  4. Examine Personalized - This is monthly summary of nutrtition research based on your own interests. So you select the health topics you most want to stay current on. Examine comb through hundreds of new studies in each of those areas. And then send you a summarized list of the most important research, with an overview of what the study was on and some of the findings. It's a super handy way of getting notified of research and deciding which papers you might want to dig deeper into.

Online Courses

  1. NASM Weight Loss Specialization (NASM-WLS) - This immersive online experience shows you how to apply the most up-to-date evidence-based information on exercise, nutrition, and behavior change to help clients reach their health goals and lose weight as part of the process.

  2. Mac-Nutrition Uni (MNU) - The course has been designed to take someone through to having the ability to support clients in achieving a wide variety of nutrition-related goals. Recommended for those wishing to be nutrition coaches.

  3. JPS Online Mentorship - I’m delighted to be one of the lecturers on the JPS Mentorship, alongside several great experts. The aim of the JPS Mentroship is to provide coaches with a truly evidence based online mentorship course that bridges the gap between the science and the real world. Experts and industry leaders from a variety of different fields and backgrounds contribute to the course curriculum.

Registration with Regulatory Organizations

  1. Sports Nutrition Association - The Sports Nutrition Association is the Global Regulatory Body Responsible for the Standardisation of Best Practise in the Sports Nutrition Profession.

  2. Association for Nutrition - The AfN hold the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN), a register of competent, qualified nutrition professionals who meet standards for evidence-based nutrition and its use in practice.

  3. SENR - The Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENR) is a voluntary register designed to accredit suitably qualified and experienced registrants, who have the competency to work autonomously as a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist with performance oriented athletes, as well as those participating in physical activity, sport and exercise for health.


  1. Muscle & Strength Pyramids - Two books; one nutrition and one training. You can get either one, or both. If I had read these books at the start of my journey in health and fitness, then I would have saved myself years of confusion, twists and turns and spinning my wheels. This is one of the very few resources I can whole-heartedly say that EVERY health & fitness professional and enthusiast should own.

  2. Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism (Gropper, Smith & Carr) - For those looking for a nutrition science textbook, this is one I really like. It will equip you with a solid understanding of digestion, absorption, and metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates; examines the structures and functions of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins -- including their regulatory roles in metabolism; and provides information on vitamin and mineral food sources, recommended intakes, deficiency, and toxicity.

  3. The Hungry Brain - Obesity and neuroscience researcher Stephan Guyenet attempts to answer the questions: why do we overeat, and what can we do about it? Guyenet makes the case that our appetites and food choices are led astray by brain circuits that play by the rules of a survival game that no longer exists.

  4. A Guide to Flexible Dieting - Contrary to what most dieters seem to believe, research has routinely found that dieters who are too rigid in their behaviors, expecting perfection, not accepting even the slightest slip actually do worse than people who take more flexible approaches to dieting. Author Lyle McDonald explains how being less strict about your diet can actually make it more effective.

  5. Change Maker - The health and fitness industry is huge, competitive, and confusing to navigate. Change Maker helps you make sense of the chaos and lays out a clear roadmap for success. Author John Berardi, PhD is best known as the co-founder of Precision Nutrition.

  6. The Vegan Athlete Blueprint - Dr. Artin Entezarjou produced an informative and useful guide to setting up a plant-based diet in a way that doesn't compromise health or performance. Whether you are (or your client/patient is) vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian, this book will allow you not to worry about losing muscle or performance.

  7. Sigma Weight Cutting System for MMA & Boxing - a complete system for you to learn and apply for yourself so that you can take control of your performance nutrition, make weight effectively and be the best fighter you can be. It also provides all the details behind how to apply this, which is especially important if you are a coach or nutritionist working with combat sport athletes who need to make weight and win.

Recipe Books

  1. Eat Up, Raise Your Game - In his work with elite athletes, performance nutritionist Daniel Davey has seen first-hand how consistently eating good food can lead to trophies, personal bests and incredible physiques. Recipes are broken down into two broad categories: higher carbohydrate recipes for fuelling your performance or supporting recovery on exercise days, and lower carbohydrate recipes, which are more relevant to active recovery days.

  2. High Protein Handbook 5 -  High-protein meals that are a) healthy, b) easy & quick to cook and c) taste good. Every recipe is high in protein, shows you the macronutrient breakdown per portion and has a scan-able code that you can scan and log directly into My Fitness Pal.

  3. No Fuss Vegan - Roz Purcell's recipe book is amazing if you are looking for ways to make vegan meals taste delicious.

Other Educational Resources

  1. The Big 3 Basics - A 46-lesson curriculum to teach you how to master the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. You'll learn the lifts, but then most importantly, learn how to identify and troubleshoot issues when they arise.

  2. 3DMJ Lifting Library - Video tutorials performed and narrated by 3DMJ Coaches. Instruction on set-up, performance, grip, stance, verbal cues, equipment, bracing, and any other overall execution guidance you may need. Programming considerations for every exercise so you know how it fits into your overall plan.

  3. Transitioning Away From Tracking - This 3DMJ Mini-Course was designed to free you from the food scale and nutrition tracking apps. You will learn why, when, and how to make this transition in a safe, effective and systematized manner without diminishing the progress you’ve worked so hard to earn and maintain.

  4. Prep Positioning: Online Course for Bodybuilding Contest Prep - Alberto Nunez of 3DMJ gives schedules, benchmarks, practical advice, and detailed strategies on how to make the most of your offseason planning for your best prep yet.

  5. Lift The Bar - A whole host of mini-courses for personal trainers; from programming to coaching to business.

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