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SNR #101: Andy Morgan – Being a Better Coach and Prioritization via the Muscle & Strength Pyramids

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Episode 101: Andy Morgan is on the show to talk about how to become a better coach and some of the principles behind the Muscle & Strength pyramids created by Eric Helms.

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Guest Bio


Andy Morgan

Andy Morgan is the man behind the hugely successful website.

Andy is a coach who has been based in Osaka, Japan for the past ten years.  And works to bring some of the best nutrition and fitness information from the West and have it translated and provided to the Japanese population.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Andy’s mission in the health & fitness industry (and how he ended up in Japan)
  • What he wished he knew earlier in his coaching career
  • Important coaching aspects that are often overlooked
  • Bringing Eric Helms’ Muscle & Strength Pyramids into book format
  • Why surrounding yourself with smart people is key

Links & Resources:

The Muscle & Strength Pyramids [books]

Angry White Pyjamas

Jocko Willink on The Tim Ferriss Show

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