SNR #156: 7 Philosophical Lessons from the Podcast in 2016 (End of Year Review)

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Episode 156: We end 2016 with a review of some of my favourite philosophical lessons that I have taken from a number of podcast guests this year. These are key ideas or lessons that I think can be powerful to bear in mind.

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  1. Mindset Over Tools and Knowledge vs. Doing – Dan Pardi (ep. 131)
  2. Why Real Science Matters – Kevin Folta, PhD (ep. 120)
  3. Re-framing Failure & Self-Responsibility – Ryan Doris (ep. 114)
  4. Obsession is Good – Brett Gibbs (ep. 122)
  5. Evidence-Based Practice Blends Science, Experience & Pragmatism – Brad Schoenfeld, PhD (ep. 104)
  6. The Human Body is Capable of Amazing Physical Output (and Needs It!) – Brent Ruby, PhD (ep. 124)
  7. Fake Science, Critical Thinking & “Science Celebrities” – Ben Esgro, RD (ep. 109)

“I have an absurd amount of self-responsibility. Even if there’s a 1% chance it was my fault, I ask where can I get better.”

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