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SNR #122: Brett Gibbs – Powerlifting Meet Preparation, Making Weight & Insights into a World Champion Mindset

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Episode 122: International Powerlifting Federation world champion and world record holder Brett Gibbs is on the show to discuss mindset, programming philosophy, success and failure, and preparation for the upcoming world championships. 

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Guest Bio

Brett Gibbs


Brett was born and raised in New Zealand but has recently moved to Canada, where he runs his coaching business Gold Signature Coaching.

Some of Brett’s achievements include:

  • 2x IPF Raw World Champion
  • 83kg IPF Open World Champion (2015)
  • 83kg IPF Jr World Champion (2014)
  • Best IPF Jr in the World (2014)
  • Smashed 25 world records
  • Best New Zealand Lifter of All Time
  • 2x IPF Jr 83kg World Silver Medalist (2013 & 2014)

 In this episode we discuss:

  • Preparations for IPF world championships and targets
  • Competitiveness, obsession and drive to win
  • How the powerlifting landscape has changed in recent years & the popularity of raw lifting
  • Philosophy of training principles and coaching
  • Factors to consider when deciding on your “best” weight class long-term
  • Who should and shouldn’t consider cutting weight for a meet
  • Make smart choices on attempt selection for a meet
  • Lessons from failure and how to improve through failure
  • The value of having a coach (John Paul Cauchi)
  • Brett’s journey into powerlifting

Links & Resources:

Gold Signature Coaching

Brett Gibbs – YouTube

Brett Gibbs – Instagram

Brett Gibbs – Facebook

Brett Gibbs – Twitter

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