SNR #188: Barbara Oakley, PhD – How to Learn, Study & Get Better With Science

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Episode 188: Barbara Oakley, PhD of the University of Oakland discusses the science of how we learn and lessons for implementing this into our lives.

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Guest Bio

Barbara Oakley, PhD

Barbara Oakley is a Professor of Engineering at Oakland University. She is involved in multiple areas of research, ranging from STEM education, to Engineering education, to learning practices.

Most recently, Professor Oakley has co-created and taught Learning How To Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects, the world’s most popular online course. She also has written a number of books, including: ‘A Mind For Numbers’ and ‘Mindshift’.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Focused mode vs. diffuse mode for thinking, problem solving and working
  • Environments for productive learning: distractions, timelines and procrastination
  • “Neural chunking” and creating patterns for developing skills
  • Preventing regression of knowledge and skill acquisition
  • Advice for improving scientific literacy/proficiency and confidence in reading/understanding science
  • How to soak up (and retain) more information from podcasts

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