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SNR #57: Martin MacDonald – Fat Burning vs. Fat Loss, Fasted Cardio & Low-Glycogen Training

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Episode 57: Clinical performance nutritionist Martin MacDonald is on the show to discuss the difference between “fat burning” and fat loss, fasted vs. fed-state cardio, metabolic efficiency, and the exciting area of training and recovering in a low-glycogen state.


Guest Bio

Martin MacDonald


Martin is a clinical performance nutritionist to both Derby County Football Club and British Weight Lifting,  the governing body for both the GB olympic weightlifting and paralympic powerlifting teams.

He currently lectures at the University of Derby and has guest lectured on the prestigious MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition course at Loughborough University.

Martin also is the  founder of Mac-Nutrition, a thriving nutrition consultancy boasting sought after long-term internship and weekend mentorship programs.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The key experiences that shaped Martin’s philosophy and approach
  • The confusion around “fat burning” and what that means for actual fat loss
  • The fasted cardio “debate”
  • Does metabolic efficiency have a role to play in practice?
  • Train low/Recover low: Using low glycogen training and recovery to enhance performance

Links & Resources:

Health and Nutrition Workshops by Mac-Nutrition

Martin on Twitter (trust me, you’ll enjoy following!)

Eat More Fat, Burn More Fat: Myth, Magic or Metabolic Advantage?

Body composition changes associated with fasted versus non-fasted aerobic exercise – Schoenfeld et al.

Lyle McDonald – A Guide To Flexible Dieting

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