#387: Shift Work and Health

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Today's Topic in Focus: Shift Work and Health [01:08]

In this episode Danny and Alan discuss the relationship between shift work and health. Why does shift work have negative health impacts? How can one mitigate circadian misalignment? How does shift work impact nutrient metabolism? What nutrition, sleep and lifestyle strategies can help shift workers?

Mentioned in this discussion:

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  2. Folkard, 2008 - Do permanent night workers show circadian adjustment?
  3. Lee et al., 2006 - A compromise phase position for permanent night shift workers: circadian phase after two night shifts with scheduled sleep and light/dark exposure
  4. Gupta et al., 2019 - The factors influencing the eating behaviour of shiftworkers: what, when, where and why
  5. Davis et al., 2020 - Glycaemic response at night is improved after eating a high protein meal compared with a standard meal: A cross-over study
  6. Ep 296: Circadian Entrainment, Chronotypes & Chrononutrition
  7. How Sleep & Nutrition Interact
"I Have a Question!"  [58:48]

Today's questions:

"James: Could the research on the impact of shift-work on health be applicable to the impact of Ramadan?"

"Nick: I would be interested to hear your thoughts about how certain types of occupations can create barriers to better diets and lifestyles. For example, I have several friends who are long-haul truckers who frequently cross the border between Canada and the United States. Many healthy foods, like fresh produce, cannot legally cross the border. This leaves these people dependent on packaged, processed junk foods that they acquire from truck stops and gas stations. Sometimes for weeks on end. It's heartbreaking because they are fully aware of what a healthy diet is, but their job just makes it impossible for them to integrate a healthy diet into their lives. How in the world do we fix stuff like this?"

Quack Asylum  [65:09]

Ideas about "optimizing" and "hacking sleep. And the idea that sleep debt can never be repaid.

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