#352: Do Diets Even Work in the Long-term? – A Look at Weight Loss Maintenance

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Today's Topic in Focus: Weight Regain vs Weight Loss Maintenance [02:56]
"I Have a Question!" [58:56]

Today's listener question: "How does the ApoE4 allele affect lipid metabolism? And how should someone structure their diet around having one or both alleles due to it resulting in higher LDL-C than someone without the gene?"

Quack Asylum [63:09]

Nutrition recommendations without any evidence, given by Dr. Mary Ryan between 19 and 22 minutes of this podcast episode.

Non-evidence-based claims made in that discussion [with time-stamps]:

  1. [19.30] In reference to drinking water in the morning: "As women, we've a slower metabolism... so we need to get it going"
  2. [20.01] "Sugar is toxic"
  3. [21.20] "You can only have two slices of bread and that's it."
  4. [21.27] "It's all about getting circadian rhythm in the bowel, so you have to eat little and often to keep the metabolism going."
  5. [21.42] Eating little and often is important "particularly in women, as we've a slow metabolism, and we need to trigger it".
  6. [21.50] Only eat carrots, parsnips and turnips (the root vegetables) at the weekend, as they store sugar. Just have green veg at dinner during the week.
Random Recommendations [76:35]

Alan's Recommendation(s):

  1. Cynical Theories : How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity--And Why This Harms Everybody - Plcukrose & Lindsay
  2. Helen Pluckrose: The Evolution of Postmodern Thought

Danny's Recommendation:

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