#388: Consequences of Weight Stigma and Weight Bias

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Today's Topic in Focus: Consequences of Weight-based Bias [03:39]

Danny & Alan discuss the current evidence on the health consequences and societal consequences of weight stigma and weigh bias. This includes implicit bias, explicit bias, and internalization of bias. What evidence do we currently have? And what questions remain unanswered?

Studies Referenced:

Listener Questions  [59:48]

Today's questions:

  1. Ward Stanford: Can weight stigma cause a learned helplessness response that sabotages the possibility of success?
  2. Marie Spreckley: Thoughts on the most potent strategies to combat implicit weight stigma by HCPs?
  3. Patrick Elliot: Is weight stigma a major barrier to public health policy addressing obesity as a disease?
Quack Asylum [68:55]

This week an avatar who holds a certain ideology enters the Quack Asylum...

    Random Recommendations [72:07]

    Alan's Recommendation: Attrition (book)

    Danny's Recommendation: @ichbinsophiescholl (Instagram account)

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