SNR #73: Borge Fagerli – Circadian Rhythms & Nutrient Timing

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SNR #73: Borge Fagerli – Circadian Rhythms & Nutrient Timing

Episode 73: Borge Fagerli discusses how meal and nutrient timing can be an important factor in health when considering the effect on circadian rhythms.


Guest Bio

Borge Fagerli 

Borge is a Norwegian strength coach who looks deep at lifestyle factors and underlying health.

He advocates a nutritional approach he terms the BioRhythm Diet, which looks at the connection between diet and circadian rhythms.

The site for his new collaboration project with Menno Henselmans, Cybernetic Fitness, is due to go live soon.

Borge is also currently working on a book with Ari Whitten, which is due for release later in 2015.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Circadian rhythms
  • The role of diet in affecting circadian rhythms
  • Nutrient timing & shifting circadian phase
  • How altered circadian rhythms can hamper health and body composition
  • Where to place the bulk of calories and carbohydrates
  • Timing of workouts and pre- vs. post-workout nutrition
  • The important things in life that many in the fitness industry miss
  • How to have a life!

Links & Resources: (Coming soon)

Borge’s Facebook page

Ari Whitten

Blue Zones

Calories Proper

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John Beradri – G-Flux Theory

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  • Circadian Rhythms – are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in one’s environment.
  • Orexin – a neurotransmitter that regulates arousal, wakefulness, and appetite.

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