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SNR #73: Borge Fagerli – Circadian Rhythms & Nutrient Timing

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Episode 73: Borge Fagerli discusses how meal and nutrient timing can be an important factor in health when considering the effect on circadian rhythms.

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Guest Bio

Borge Fagerli

Borge is a Norwegian strength coach who looks deep at lifestyle factors and underlying health. He advocates a nutritional approach he terms the BioRhythm Diet, which looks at the connection between diet and circadian rhythms.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Circadian rhythms
  • The role of diet in affecting circadian rhythms
  • Nutrient timing & shifting circadian phase
  • How altered circadian rhythms can hamper health and body composition
  • Where to place the bulk of calories and carbohydrates
  • Timing of workouts and pre- vs. post-workout nutrition
  • The important things in life that many in the fitness industry miss
  • How to have a life!

Links & Resources:

Borge’s Facebook page

Ari Whitten

Blue Zones

Calories Proper

SNR #38: Dan Pardi – Sleep, Circadian Rhythms & the Importance of Light & Dark

John Beradri – G-Flux Theory

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