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SNR #30: Sohee Lee – Reverse Dieting, Rapid Fat Loss and Messing Up

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Episode 30: Sohee Lee is on the show talking about rapid vs. slow fat loss, rebounding, reverse dieting, restrictive dieting, messing up and the importance of making your bed!


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Guest Bio

Sohee Lee sohee   Sohee is a New York City-based coach and writer. After living through an eating disorder for 8 years, she discovered weightlifting and fell in love. She is a Stanford University graduate with a BA in Human Biology (concentration in Psychosocial and Biological Determinants of Health). She’s also a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor and is NSCA-CSCS certified. She has interned at Cressey Performance under the world renowned Eric Cressey, has worked at Peak Performance NYC and is currently involved with BioLayne. Sohee is also a contributing writer to as well as many other high-profile sites and magazines.

In This Show We Discuss:

    • The events that moved Sohee from living with an eating disorder into a respected coach teaching people how to eat healthy but live life at the same time.


  • Rapid Weight Drops vs. Slow Fat Loss: Psychology, restrictiveness & enjoying life



  • The mentality of long term progression



  • Chasing Perfection – Being hard on ourselves for “messing up”



  • Reverse Dieting



  • Rebounding following a diet



  • What annoys Sohee about the Health and Fitness industry



  • The best piece of advice Sohee ever received



  • Why Sohee makes her bed every morning!



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