#393: Vitamin D: Does Supplementation Actually Improve Health?

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Today's Topic in Focus:  [02:48]

Vitamin D status is linked to a variety of health outcomes, and avoiding or correcting deficiency is important. However, does supplementing with vitamin D actually benefit most people? Is there evidence for supplementation improving health outcomes like mortality, cancer risk, depression or other outcomes? In this episode Danny and Alan look at intervention trials of vitamin D supplementation.

Studies referenced in this episode:

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  2. Burt et al., 2019 - Effect of High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation on Volumetric Bone Density and Bone Strength
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"I Have a Question!"  [1:05:38]

Today's questions:

  1. James: Vitamin D is promised to be the cure for almost every disease known to man. Prominent neurology professors have linked vitamin D deficiency to multiple sclerosis - have you got a sense of the validity of these claims?
  2. Richard: What should and shouldn't be taken with vitamin D, foods and/or supplements, to hopefully enhance bone health, in women especially.
Quack Asylum [1:15:20]

Vitamin D claims made by Dr. Mark Hyman.

    Random Recommendations [1:17:58]

    Alan's Recommendation: Deutschland 83

    Danny's Recommendation: John Mayer - Neon (live)

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