#384: Research Review: The Interference Effect & Concurrent Training

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Guest Information

Greg Nuckols

Greg Nuckols is the founder of StrongerByScience.com, a website that provides comprehensive information about how to get stronger and more jacked. Greg, along with Eric Helms, Eric Trexler and Mike Zourdos, creates the monthly research review MASS (Monthly Applications in Strength Sports), which breaks down some of the recent research carried out that is relevant to strength athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Mike Zourdos, PhD

Dr. Mike Zourdos, Ph.D is an Associate Professor in Exercise Science at Florida Atlantic University with a specialization in strength and conditioning and skeletal muscle physiology.

In this episode we discuss:

A breakdown of two research papers:

  1. Murlasits et al., 2017 - The physiological effects of concurrent strength and endurance training sequence: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  2. Eddens et al., 2018 - The Role of Intra-Session Exercise Sequence in the Interference Effect: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis

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