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#385: Insulin Resistance & Diet

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Today's Topic in Focus: Insulin Resistance and Diet

In this episode we explore the causes of insulin resistance, and the dietary modifications that may help those with insulin resistance.

We discuss how insulin resistance is a complex metabolic disorder, that goes beyond one single pathway or cause. There is also a discussion on the mechanisms of insulin resistance pathogenesis. Specifically, we talk about the accumulation of ectopic fat. Ectopic fat is the storage of triglycerides in tissues other than fat tissue, such as the liver, skeletal muscle, heart, and pancreas.

There is also an overview of the Twin-Cycle Hypothesis, which was discussed in more detail in a previous episode with Prof. Roy Taylor. In addition, we give special mention to liver fat accumulation and the relationship between insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Then various diet interventions are assessed for their potential usefulness to those with insulin resistnace. This includes different diet types (e.g. whole-food plant-based diet, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet, etc.), role of macronutrients, pre-loading studies, and the role of meal timing and circadian effects.

Links to Mentioned Resources:
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    1. Super useful episode on insulin resistance. Iā€™m planning to listen to it again.

      The Sigma Statements are undoubtedly a considerable amount of work- if you have time on your hands ????, I would love to see this in a statement format.

      Keep up the great work!

      1. Author

        Thanks Melody! We’ll definitely be doing Statements that are related to this, that fit under this umbrella. Soon we’ll have one up on blood glucose and meal timing for example.

        Thanks for the kind words!

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