#351: Prof. Glenn Gibson – Human Gut Bacteriology, Prebiotics & Probiotics

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Prof. Glenn Gibson, PhD

Glenn Gibson is Professor of Food Microbiology at University of Reading. He has been researching bacteria in the gut for over 30 years. Together with his colleague Marcel B. Roberfroid, both researchers coined the term prebiotics in their 1995 paper.

He has published over 450 research papers and 8 books. He currently researches acute and chronic gut disease, with specific projects on probiotics and prebiotics, gas production, gut microbiota development, gastroenteritis, obsesity and colonic homeostasis.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Prof. Gibson's role in coining the term "prebiotic"
  • Is there any reason a healthy person should take a generic probiotic supplement?
  • Probiotic + antibiotic therapy
  • Difficult in getting claims of benefit approved in Europe
  • Mechanism of effect of probiotic supplementation
  • Prebiotics: glucans and fructans
  • Evidence for supplementing with isolated forms vs consuming a variety of vegetables, fruits and fibrous foods
  • Measurement of bacteria in the faeces: how good of a proxy is that for what is actually in the gut?

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