SNR #170: Aadam Ali – Challenging Biases, Nutrition Philosophy & Practical Experiments with Ketogenic Dieting

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Episode 170: Aadam Ali of Physiquinomics is on to discuss his personal diet experiements, what he learnt and some philosophies on nutrition and training.

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Guest Bio


Aadam Ali

Aadam writes fitness-related content over at his site Physiqonomics. He writes about his philosophies on nutrition, training and all things physique related. He also self-experiments with different approaches and reports the results. These have included periods of time eating various iterations of a ketogenic diet, employing extended fasts, using time-restricted feeding and more. He has also written content for various other reputable sites including Strengtheory. Aadam also works one-to-one with coaching clients who want to improve their physique.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • The importance of challenging our pre-existing biases
  • Aadam’s 6-month experiment with ketogenic dieting
  • Misconceptions about ketogenic diets both pro- and anti-ketosis
  • Parallels with intermittent fasting
  • Lessons learned and advice for those wanting to try it
  • Who is ketogenic dieting a good fit for? Personality and food preference

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