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SNR #137: Luis Villasenor – How to (Successfully) Implement a Ketogenic Diet for Body Composition & Strength

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Episode 137: Ketogains founder Luis Villasenor explains how to set-up a ketogenic diet correctly, discusses common mistakes and smashes misconceptions about all sorts of concepts related to ketogenic diets.
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Guest Bio

Luis Villasenor


Luis is the found of Ketogains, an online community that works to help people achieve their body composition and performance goals through a well-formulated ketogenic diet. They have a respected reputation due to their evidence-based thinking and non-dogmatic approach to nutrition.

Luis has been personally using a ketogenic diet for ~ 15 years, whilst building substantial muscle mass, getting lean and training for powerlifting.

 In this episode we discuss:

  • What exactly is the state of ketosis
  • Mistakes when implementing a ketogenic diet
  • The importance of electrolytes when going on a KD
  • Ketogenic diets & muscle growth: are you compromising your gains?
  • Ketogenic diets for athletes: who will it work, and not work, for?
  • Why “chasing ketones” is pointless for most people

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  5. Hi Danny,
    Would it still be possible to get the podcast transcript? The link doesn’t download atm. I work with kids with epilepsy and exogenous ketones has been a new interest for some of the parents. I was especially intrigued about how Luis described the different exogenous ketones, how they affect the body and the ketone levels.

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