SNP9: AMA – Blood Pressure, LDL Lowering, PCOS & More!

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In this Premium-exclusive ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode, Alan & Danny answer a range of listener questions. Topics include obesity rates, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol drugs, PCOS, and what issues they have changed their minds on. See the full list of questions below.

Questions Answered in This Episode

  1. [02.37] Do you feel that there is hope (or an effective way forward) for obesity rates to come down? Based on your response, why/why not?
  2. [11.28] In this field, it seems like so many of us have had positions we’ve held very seriously that we now see as poorly supported by research, or just have a significant paradigm change. It would be great to hear you look back to how your views have evolved over the years.
  3. [30.34] Apart from lowering salt intake and eating foods high in potassium are there other things you can take or do to reduce blood pressure?
  4. [40.34] What is the best ratio of DHA vs EPA to increase my Omega 3 index?
  5. [46.20] Statins v Ezetimibe: Differences between the two? Mechanism of action? Are there situations, conditions, genetic markers where one may work better than the other?
  6. [56.20] I’m starting a PhD in the fall concerning the pathophysiology of metabolic diseases and I’d like to take some courses that would help me in my research. Would you have any recommendations for a beginner scientist?
  7. [59.01] Is astaxanthin a good substitute for algae oil for someone who follows a vegan diet?
  8. [60.45] Do you have any suggestions how to better manage hunger in obese women with PCOS?
  9. [64.33] Do you have any recommendations for anyone wanting to get involved in chrononutrition research?


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