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SNR #94: Phil Learney – Nutrition Periodization, Rigid vs. Flexible Dieting & Why Modification Beats Change

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Episode 94: One of the UK’s most successful coaches Phil Learney is on the show to discuss nutritional periodization, rigid vs. flexible dieting, who needs advanced nutritional strategies, what science can and can’t tell us & why modification beats change.

Quote of The Episode:

“Coaches are too obsessed with change… instead of modification”        tweet-this_button


Guest Bio

Phil Learney

phil learney

Phil Learney has been a prominent figure in the fitness industry for close to 20 years. Phil resides and trains people from his base at Ultimate Performance in Mayfair, London.

He continues to educate, teaching mentorship programs and seminars throughout the UK.

He is the author of the book N=1 Nutritional Programming.

 In this episode we discuss:

  • The common misapplication of “advanced” nutritional strategies such as calorie and carbohydrate cycling.
  • Using trial and error to inform practice
  • Inter-individual variability in metabolism
  • Nutritional periodization
  • Rigid vs. flexible dieting
  • The outcome of regulating intake is more important than the method used to achieve it

Links & Resources:

Phil Learney’s website

N=1 Nutritional Programming book

Transtheoretical model of Stages of Change

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