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SNR #91: Effect of Sleep on Appetite Regulation, Food Choices & Glucose Metabolism

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Episode 91: In a solo episode, I discuss some research looking at how sleep restriction can affect appetite hormones, diet and glucose metabolism.

Links & Resources

SNR #38: Dan Pardi – Sleep, Circadian Rhythms & the Importance of Light & Dark

SNR #61 – Dr. Kirk Parsley – Sleep, Performance, Navy SEALs & Testosterone

Knutson et al., The Metabolic Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

National Sleep Foundation

Spiegel et al., 2004, Leptin levels are dependent on sleep duration

Van Cauter et al., 2008, Metabolic consequences of sleep and sleep loss

Spiegel et al., 1999, Impact of sleep debt on metabolic and endocrine function




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