#458: How Foods Impact Satiety, Hunger & Appetite

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Given the negative consequences of consistent overconsumption of food (leading to a caloric surplus), having a dietary intake that is of appropriate calorie intake is an important aspect of long-term health. Therefore, thinking about which foods and diets can help promote appropriate satiety to keep calorie intake in check is a key focus for many researchers and practitioners.

There is a complex system of human appetite control. This appetite system influences food consumption and associated motivational drives such as hunger, as well as interacting with and being influenced by energy expenditure. Satiety is an important psycho-biological process involved in the expression of human appetite, inhibiting hunger and intake following food or beverage consumption.

In this episode, the Sigma team discusses the human appetite system, how different nutrients and foods impact satiety, and the implications of this research.

People in this Episode


  • The complexity of the human appetite system
  • Definitions: Satiety, Satiation, Appetite
  • How do we measure satiety?
  • Inter-individual variation: High and low satiety phenotypes
  • The Satiety Cascade
  • Impact of nutrients: Protein, fiber, fat, and more
  • Energy density
  • The Satiety Index
  • Ultra-processed foods
  • Solid vs. liquid meals
  • Impact of Timing

Detailed Study Notes

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  1. Great episode! Can you please include chapter marks and timestamps in your podcast episodes? For an example of how this looks, check out the Accidental Tech Podcast and play it in a podcast player that supports chapters like Overcast. It’s so nice, you can easily jump around the episode, skip to the next chapter or just see an outline.

    You can use a podcast editor like this one to do so https://overcast.fm/forecast

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