Danny Lennon, Founder & Head of Content

Danny is the founder of Sigma Nutrition. He is the long-time host of the popular podcast Sigma Nutrition Radio, and is also a respected educator in the field. He has spoken at conferences and events all over Europe (including London, Dublin, Amsterdam and Vienna), as well as the United States and Australia.

Danny is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the Sports Nutrition Association, the global regulatory body responsible for the standardisation of best practice in the sports nutrition profession.

Danny delivers the nutrition lectures for the Dipl. Strength Coach Training by Intelligent Strength in Vienna, Austria. He is also one of the lecturers on the JPS Online Mentorship for fitness professionals, in addition to delivering the nutrition lectures for the JPS Powerlifting Fundamentals course.

Danny has a master’s degree (MSc.) in Nutritional Sciences from University College Cork, during which time Danny took classes in biochemistry, clinical nutrition, micronutrient interactions and physiology. Previous to this Danny also completed a BSc. Degree in Biology and Physics (with concurrent diploma in education), followed by a year teaching those subjects.

In the past, Danny  has worked as a nutrition practitioner with a wide variety of clients. He became well known for his role as a performance nutritionist to professional mixed martial artists & other combat sport athletes, leading to him publishing the Sigma Weight Cutting System for MMA & Boxing.

Outside of the nutrition world, Danny has competed in powerlifting, is a BJJ blue belt and is a life-long Arsenal fan.