#449: Do Artificial Sweeteners Increase Cancer Risk? (Study Analysis)

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. People in this Episode
  3. Overview
  4. Related Resources
  5. Detailed Study Notes (Premium Subscribers Only)
  6. Transcript (Premium Subscribers Only)


A study published in March 2022 suggested that consumption of artificial (non-nutritive) sweeteners is associated with a 13% increase in risk of cancer. This study was widely reported in the media and made for some concerning reading for health-concious people.

One of our Sigma Nutrition Premium subscribers, Zachary, asked for our thoughts on the study and whether this is really cause for concern and whether artificial sweeteners should be avoided for health reasons.

And so in this episode, Dr. Alan Flanagan, Dr. Niamh Aspell, and Danny Lennon discuss this specific study and give their thoughts on what are fair conclusions to come to.

People in this Episode


  1. Background Research To This Point
  2. Study Design
  3. Dietary Assessment
  4. Quantifying AS Intakes
  5. Determination of Cancer Cases
  6. Results
  7. Statistical Analysis
  8. Adjustments
  9. Our Conclusions

Detailed Study Notes

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