#413: Anthony Fardet, PhD – Nutritional Reductionism, the Food Matrix & Impact of Processing

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Anthony Fardet, PhD

Anthony Fardet, PhD is a nutrition science researcher in the Human Nutrition Unit at Université Clermont Auvergne, France.

His work has focused on a number of related areas; the consequences of the reductionist and holistic approaches applied to nutrition research, the relevance of a new classification of foods based on their degree of processing, and the role of the complex structure of the food in its health potential ("matrix effect").

Specifically, his research has included: 1) data mining and statistical analyzes of nutritional data; 2) Systematic and narrative reviews of associations between diet, degree of food processing and chronic disease risk; 3) Prospective studies to define the basics of a new preventive diet and more sustainable diets; 4) The development of an integrative index to characterize the degree of food processing in relation to health.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Nutritional reductionism vs. holism - We eat whole foods, not nutrients.
  2. The degree of processing and its impact on the food matrix and composition.
  3. Food health potential
  4. Food matrix characteristics affect nutrient bioavailability, digestion kinetics, glycemic response, and satiety.
  5. The three "holistic golden rules".
  6. “Are there intangible truths in human nutrition science?”

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  • Fardet & Rock, 2018 - Reductionist Nutrition Research Has Meaning Only within the Framework of Holistic and Ethical Thinking
  • Fardet et al., 2015 - Current food classifications in epidemiological studies do not enable solid nutritional recommendations for preventing diet-related chronic diseases
  • anthonyfardet.com

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