#411: Bone Health & Nutrition

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In this episode Alan and Danny discuss the role of nutrition in bone health. They cover the importance of bone health, bone disorders such as osteoporosis, how nutrients play a role in bone remodelling, and the evidence of dietary and supplementation trials on bone health outcomes.

Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Vitamin D:
    1. NU-AGE
    2. VITAL
    3. Aspray et al.
    4. Burt et al.
  2. Calcium:
    1. Iuliano et al., 2021 - cluster randomised controlled trial
    2. Bristow 2019
    3. MR studies: 2021 & 2020
    4. Ca + vit D: Marine Corps
    5. 2003 Bess Dawson Hughes
  3. Vitamin K:
    1. Framington & Nurses Health PCS
    2. K1: Braam et al.,
    3. K2 MK-7: Knapen 3yr postmenopausal women
    4. K2: Zhang - supplementation benefited postmenopausal women but not men
  4. Phyoestrogens:
    1. Morabito et al. soy isoflavone
    2. Soy isoflavone + calcium – peri-menopausal

Alan's new paper: Flanagan et al., 2021 - Effects of Maternal Nightshift Work on Evening Energy Intake, Diet Quality and Meal Timing in the Family: An Observational Study

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  1. Hi Danny and Alan,

    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the relevance of preformed Vitamin A intake on this issue. I was quite surprised to see this not mentioned in your discussion since it was one of the three nutrients of concern (along with Vitamin D and Vitamin K) that Walter Willett highlighted as being more important than calcium intake in ‘Eat, Drink and Be Healthy’, and indeed there does seem to be a combination of mechanistic plausibility with a high magnitude of effect in observational studies. Have either of you looked into this issue? (As an aside, it also could have been a potential source for an entry into the quack asylum with members of the carnivore movement denying any plausible harms from daily consumption of beef liver, although I suppose this quackery would often veer off into territory slightly adjacent to the issue of bone health).

    Thanks for another great episode. Really enjoying the show!

    1. Author

      Hi Jack,

      Yes, good point. Vitamin A and bone health is an interesting one as (iirc) there are associations with negative impacts of bone from both deficiency states and excessive intake. The impact of excess intake is actually an interesting question to consider from the perspective of the source of vitamin A, as you allude to.

      The focus on calcium and vitamin D was a function of those being the nutrients with the most research completed on them, and being the most common targets of supplementation.

      But the vitamin A issue might be something we cover separately, as there’s some interesting details to try and piece through.

      Thanks for listening and for the insightful comment.

      1. Thanks for the reply Danny. I agree that vitamin A could be an interesting topic to explore in greater detail in a subsequent podcast. Whatever the topic, I look forward to hearing the next show.

  2. Great podcast. Would love to have you dive into role of Ca and Vitamin K in calcification of arterial plaques.

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