Dominic Munnelly – Nutrition for Crossfit Performance & Female Trainees

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Episode 41: Dublin-based trainer & competitive CrossFit athlete Dominic Munnelly is on the show to talk about where CrossFit fits in to the health & fitness industry, some of the criticisms it faces, considerations for female trainees & differences in nutrition for performance vs. nutrition for body composition.

Guest Bio

Dominic Munnelly

Dominic is a Dublin based personal trainer. Famed for the amazing results his clients achieve has made him the most in demand personal trainer in the country.

After finishing a Sports Science degree in the UK he began working as the trainer’s trainer (Fitness Director) for one of the most exclusive chain of gyms in the country. He has continued to develop his knowledge/education so he can provide clients with the best methods to drop fat and get fit in the shortest time possible.

Dominic is an active competitor in the Crossfit Games and placed an impressive 12th in the 2011 European regionals.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Education in physiology and sports science – the good and the bad
  • CrossFit – it’s role in the H&F industry in 2015
  • The downfalls of CrossFit
  • Good vs. Poor CrossFit boxes
  • Biggest nutritional considerations for CrossFitters: weight loss/health vs. competitive Games athletes
  • Specifics for women doing CrossFit or S&C training or Oly lifting
  • The process of change
  • Top 3 book recommendations

Links & Resources

Dominic’s Website

Dominic’s post: Performance Nutrition For CrossFit

Dominic on Twitter

Dom’s Book List:


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