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Round-up Show Part 2: Live a Truly Healthy Life

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Episode 63: In this round-up show we go back over the past 12 months to pick advice on how to live the healthiest and happiest life possible.


Episode Featured in This Episode 

In Order:

  1. Dominic Munnelly – CrossFit, Nutrition for Performance & Female Trainees
  2. Dean Dwyer ~ Why you’re not making progress & how to set yourself up for success
  3. Marc David ~ What We Eat is Only Half the Story of Good Nutrition
  4. Phil Graham – Using Science in Health & Bodybuilding Coaching
  5. James Hanley – Auto-regulation Dieting, Dogsh*t Deadlifts & Eating Frogs
  6. Dan Pardi – Sleep, Circadian Rhythms & the Importance of Light & Dark
  7. Dr. Kirk Parsley – Sleep, Performance, Navy SEALs & Testosterone
  8. Robbie Bourke (part 1) – Nutrition, epigenetics & biochemical individuality
  9. Brent Pottenger ~ Thinkering, Ancestral Health & the Future of Medicine
  10. Dr. Bill Lagakos ~ The Poor, Misunderstood Calorie
  11. Kamal Patel – How Research Issues Can Affect Our Diet & Supplement Decisions
  12. Mike Samuels – How to eliminate binges, eat your favourite foods & enjoy life whilst getting lean!
  13. Dr. Jason Fung ~ Blood sugar, fasting & why we’ve got it wrong
  14. Dino Camire – Body Image, Eating Carbs & Playing the Long Game
  15. Dr. Tom O’ Bryan – Could LPS Toxicity or an Autoimmune Mechanism be Wrecking Your Health?
  16. Sarah Doyle ~ Finding happiness, letting go & building a better life
  17. James Maskell ~ The Evolution of Medicine: Take Control of Your Own Health
  18. Ameer Rosic: Live an Optimal Life with the Right Nutrition, Environment and Attitude

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