Bryan Chung, MD – Protein Synthesis vs. Hypertrophy & Evidence-Based Fitness

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Dr. Bryan Chung, MD and PhD researcher, talks about evidence-based fitness, problems with the fitness and nutrition industry, the issue of calories, metabolic advantages of certain diets, psychology of dieting and game-changing research on the relevance of muscle protein synthesis as a proxy measure for hypertrophy.

Dr. Bryan Chung, MD, PhD

Bryan Chung is an MD and PhD researcher and methodologist in musculo-skeletal health. He is a regular peer-reviewer and editorial board member for one of the top sport medicine journals in the world.

By trade he is a hand and wrist surgeon but he blogs on research methodology, sports medicine, nutrition and fitness over at

 In this episode we discuss:

  •  Dr. Chung’s work, interests and mission.
  • The importance of being evidence-based
  • Relevant practical experience vs. irrelevant anecdotes
  • The problem with lack of professionalism in the fitness industry
  • How to determine what sources of information are trustworthy
  • Calorie debates and the idea of certain diets holding a metabolic advantage based on their macronutrient breakdown
  • The psychology behind failed dieting
  • Muscle protein synthesis as a proxy measure for muscle hypertrophy: Is it relevant?

Links & Resources

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