#395: Prof. Carel Le Roux – Current Thinking in Obesity Treatment

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Prof. Carel le Roux, MBChB, PhD

Professor le Roux is an expert in metabolic medicine and is currently a Professor of Experimental Pathology, University College Dublin. He is recognised as a world leader in metabolism and obesity.

Professor le Roux’s clinical focus is in the management of Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular risk and other metabolic disorders. Professor Carel le Roux has been published extensively and currently holds a number of editorial roles for journals in his field including, Clinical Obesity and Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Obesity is a complex and chronic disease of the subcortical areas of the brain
  2. Metabolic, mechanical and mental complications of obesity.
  3. What’s the goal of treating obesity?
  4. In treating obesity “we’re not going for weight loss per se but for health gain. Surgery is not a weight loss treatment, it’s a health gain treatment”
  5. Evaluating the roles of various interventions: pharmacotherapy, surgery, lifestyle counselling, diet, etc.
  6. Mechanisms responsible for the various metabolic improvements that occur post-surgery
  7. “Personalised medicine should be about getting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.”

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  1. So very sad and disappointed the Prof Le Roux didn’t acknowledge even a smidgen of the psychological side of obesity. Many people who over eat are binge eaters for emotional reasons. Comfort, control, etc. What a shame that his patients lose out on that aspect of treatment…
    Would love a round table of Jake Linardon (psych), Mel Davis (habits), Spencer Nadolsky (obesity doctor).

    1. Author

      Hi Laura,

      I think that’s quite a harsh take-away from this discussion. We unfortunately only had 30 minutes to talk for this one, and so focused in on potential for surgical and drug interventions.

      To assume that the psychological components of obesity are not addressed in his practice is quite a leap, and one that is incorrect. It’s worth looking into his work more, as I think you’ll see he’s very much aware of these issues.

      The three people you named have all been on the podcast previously and I think they wouldn’t disagree with anything covered in this discussion.

      So whilst I appreciate you taking the time to comment, I hope that on reflection you see that is based on unfair assumption. Just because the focus here was on the physiology underlying this, that doesn’t mean pyschological/emotional reasons can’t influence eating.

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