#391: Is There a Body Weight Set Point?: Models of Body Mass Regulation

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Today's Topic in Focus:  [03:46]

In this episode Danny and Alan discuss the three primary models used to explain body mass regulation: 1) Set Point Model, 2) Settling Point Model, 3) Dual Intervention Model. They discuss the role of feedback systems, environment, behaviour, as well as discussing both the "thrifty gene hypothesis" and John Speakman's "drifty gene hypothesis".

"I Have a Question!"  [52:27]

Today's question:

Melody Steeples asks:" I’d love to hear about set point and resting metabolic rate 5-10 years following bariatric surgery if you have information /knowledge in that arena."

Quack Asylum [56:12]

The Carbohydrate-Insulin Model of obesity

    Random Recommendations [62:20]

    Alan's Recommendation: Stephen Ambrose - Band of Brothers (book)

    Danny's Recommendation: Sleep4Performance Online Seminar (free)

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