#359: Calorie Confusion – (Mis)Understanding Energy Balance

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Today's Topic in Focus: Calories In, Calories Out [02:15]

In this episode Danny and Alan discuss the common misunderstandings and misrepresentations of the energy balance equation, leading to problematic debates over the validity of 'calories in, calories out'.

Sigma Statement:

  1. The “Calories In, Calories Out” Confusion: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Energy Balance
"I Have a Question!" [60:17]

Today's question:

"Can you explain what a dose-response relationship is?"

Quack Asylum [70:20]

Claims by Gary Taubes - Why We Get Fat

    Random Recommendations [76:20]

    Alan's Recommendation: V2 - by Robert Harris 

    Danny's Recommendation:

    1. The Social Dilemma
    2. Joe Rogan Experience #1556 - Glenn Greenwald

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