#360: Nick Hiebert – Micronutrients, Anti-nutrients and Non-essential Nutrients

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Guest Information


Nick Hiebert

Nick Hiebert writes about nutrition science on his site The Nutrivore, as well as exclusive, comprehnsive posts on his Patreon page. He is the creator of the "Nutrient Density Cheat Sheet", a nutrition ranking tool for hundreds of whole foods.

Nick has a deep interest in a host of nutrition science topics, from nutrient density to saturated fat & cardiovascular disease. He does a lot of deep analysis of raw data and has published some independent meta-analyses on his site.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Best and worse ways to calculate the nutrient density of a diet
  • Nutrient density per calorie vs. per weight vs. per serving
  • The diminishing returns of aiming to maximize nutrient density
  • Anti-nutrients: how relevant are they?
  • Understanding the effect of phytate, oxalate, etc.
  • Hard to get nutrients in typical diets
  • Synergistic and moderating effects of different nutrients
  • Non-essential nutrients & importance for health

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