SNR #197: Kyle Mamounis, PhD – Fatty Acid Metabolism & Implications for Health

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Episode 197: Researcher Kyle Mamounis

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Guest Bio

Kyle Mamounis, PhD

Kyle J. Mamounis, has a doctoral degree in nutritional science from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey USA. He is currently a researcher at University of Central Florida in Orlando. His primary research interest is investigating the effects of fatty acids on energy balance regulation. He maintains a science blog with posts on his research interests, reviews of science magazine articles and general cellular physiology at

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Hypothalamic Inflammation as a Molecular Mechanism of Diet-Induced Obesity
  • Obesity and Hypothalamic Inflammation from High Fat Diets with Different fatty Acid Profiles.
  • Rodent models and using high-fat diets to induce obesity
  • Recently published study from earlier this year: insulin tolerance test after consuming oils of differing amounts of linoleic acid
  • What sort of human trials would we need to see to examine further this hypothesis of PUFA potentially being more obesogenic?
  • PUFA and insulin resistance

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