SNR #158: Alex Ritson – Adaptive Thermogenesis, Thrifty Genes & Hedonic Eating

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Episode 158: Alex Ritson dives into the metabolic adaptations that occur with dieting (and overfeeding), the implications of this for the dieter and how this can explain the differences between individuals in their response to a diet.

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Guest Bio

 Alex Ritson


Alex is a part of the online nutrition and training coaching company Lean Body Performance as the nutritionist and co-founder. He has gained certification with the International Society of Sport Nutrition, been a published author of nutritional research in internationally reputed publications, and is nearing the completion of a Master’s degree in Applied Sports Nutrition with a keen focus to continue on towards a PhD.

 In this episode we discuss:

  • Metabolic adaptations to dieting
  • Adaptive thermogenesis as a cause of discrepancy in real vs. predicted weight loss
  • Thrifty gene hypothesis and the thrifty phenotype
  • Components of energy expenditure
  • Models of adaptation (mechanical, threshold, springload)
  • How to mitigate the potential for metabolic/hormonal adaptations to drive weight re-gain
  • Energy homeostasis, body fat settling ranges and palatability
  • Use of fasting strategies and/or very low calorie days to diet
  • The “smart” way to 5:2

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