SNR #207: Alex Ritson – Research: Dynamic Fat Loss Rules & High vs. Low Reps

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Episode 207: Alex Ritson is on the show to dive into two recent recent papers; one investigating the theories of dynamic fat loss models, and the other looking at the effect of low-rep vs. high-rep training for hypertrophy and strength.

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Guest Bio


Alex Ritson

Alex is a part of the online nutrition and training coaching company Lean Body Performance as the nutritionist and co-founder. He has gained certification with the International Society of Sport Nutrition, been a published author of nutritional research in internationally reputed publications, and has completed a Master’s degree in Applied Sports Nutrition. Alex currently works as a tutor for the Guru Performance Institute, helping students of the ISSN Diploma.

Papers Discussed in this Episode

Paper 1: Silva et al., 2017 – Do Dynamic Fat and Fat-Free Mass Changes follow Theoretical Driven Rules in Athletes?

Paper 2: Morton et al., 2016 – Neither load nor systemic hormones determine resistance training-mediated hypertrophy or strength gains in resistance-trained young men

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