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SNR #128: Martin MacDonald – Carbohydrate Tolerance, Rapid Fat Loss & Protein Timing

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Episode 128: Martin MacDonald evaluates the latest protein research discussions, the concept of carbohydrate tolerance, and conservation of muscle mass with large calorie deficits.

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Guest Bio

 Martin MacDonald


Martin is the founder of Mac-Nutrition, a thriving nutrition consultancy boasting sought after long-term internship and weekend mentorship programs. He has also developed Mac-Nutrition Uni, the UK’s first ever evidence-based, nutrition course that can be completed online.

Martin is a clinical performance nutritionist to British Weight Lifting, the governing body for both the GB olympic weightlifting and Paralympic powerlifting teams. He has also worked with Derby County Football Club, English swimming and other elite sport organizations.

He has lectured at the University of Derby and has guest lectured on the prestigious MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition course at Loughborough University.

 In this episode we discuss:

  • What drove Martin to create Mac-Nutrition Uni – the UK’s only online evidence-based nutrition course
  • What does the recent protein research discussions mean for practical recommendations?
  • Muscle mass retention and large calorie deficits
  • The trap of being ‘too moderate’ in evidence-based practice
  • Carbohydrate tolerance – what are people referring to?
  • Are low-carb diets compulsory for those with insulin resistance?

Links & Resources:

Mac-Nutrition Uni

Martin’s Website and Free eBook on Intermittent Fasting

Longland et al., 2016

Gardner et al., 2015

Cornier et al., 2005

Pittas et al., 2005

McClain et al., 2013

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