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SNR #118 – Caoileann Murphy, PhD – Protein Distribution, Per Meal Dosing & Muscle Protein Balance

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Episode 118: Caoileann Murphy PhD is on the show to discuss protein metabolism, distribution and recommendations on per meal vs. daily basis.
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Guest Bio

Caoileann Murphy, PhD 

Caoileann has a PhD in exercise physiology, focusing on protein metabolism under the supervision of Stu Phillips at McMaster University. She has recently moved back to Dublin to work with Dr. Brendan Egan’s research group.

 In this episode we discuss:

  • Muscle protein balance
  • Daily intake recommendations vs. per meal recommendations
  • Effect of protein quality
  • High protein diets and increasing lean mass in a calorie deficit
  • Research questions to still be answered

Links & Resources:

Caoileann’s Twitter Profile

Research Gate Profile

Per meal dose and frequency of protein consumption is associated with lean mass and muscle performance – Loenneke et al., 2016

Hypoenergetic diet-induced reductions in myofibrillar protein synthesis are restored with resistance training and balanced daily protein ingestion in older men – Murphy et al., 2015

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