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SNR #107: Brad Dieter, PhD – Science Driven Nutrition & Putting Research in Context

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Episode 107: Brad Dieter, PhD from Science Driven Nutrition is on to discuss the pitfalls in interpreting nutritional science, the importance of statistics, research on supplements and what a good nutrition philosophy should be based on.

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Guest Bio

Brad Dieter, PhD

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Brad runs Science Driven Nutrition, an online platform that aims to spread evidence-based nutrition information.

Brad graduated from Washington State University in 2009 and spent a year as a Strength and Conditioning intern at Gonzaga University. He then went on and finished an M.S. in biomechanics and a Ph.D. in exercise physiology from the University of Idaho.

Brad has also done research training as a fellow in biomedical research, examining how nutrition and metabolism influence disease. Brad’s experiences within the weight room and the laboratory have given him a wide range of skills and opportunities that allow him to utilize a science-based approach to deliver real world training and nutrition advice.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Fake science vs. good science
  • Why citing studies is different to viewing the totality of the literature base
  • The importance of context in nutritional science
  • Issues in interpretation data in studies
  • The hierarchy of evidence; things to understand
  • Benefits and pitfalls of meta-analyses
  • Publication bias, statistics, sample size, effect size, etc.
  • Misleading messages in nutrition and fitness

[Links & Resources:

Science Driven Nutrition

Brad on Twitter

SDN Facebook Page

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