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SNR #97: Dr. Michael Ruscio – Issues in Applying Microbiome Research Into Practice

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Episode 97: Dr. Michael Ruscio returns to the show to discuss gut mircobiota, applications for weight loss, insulin sensitivity, and the potential pitfalls in translating gut research into clinical practice. 

Quote of The Episode:

“It’s bad science and bad practice to take an observation in field research and then say ‘now we should make this a treatment for people’”    tweet-this_button


Guest Bio

Dr. Michael Ruscio


Dr. Ruscio works with patients nationally utilizing lab-based treatments to help a variety of patients from athletes to chronically ill overcome health problems and achieve optimal health and well being. In addition to being in private practice, Dr. Ruscio also researches and lectures nationally to doctors and students.

Dr. Ruscio is also currently writing a book on gut health and hypothyoidism. Dr. Ruscio is a leader in the movement to focus on treating the cause of disease rather than medicating symptoms.

 In this episode we discuss:

  • What practical value does research on the microbiota of indigenous tribes have?
  • Bacterial diversity in IBD, Crohn’s and Colitis
  • Could a high-fibre diet be a BAD idea for some people?
  • Importance of the small intestine
  • Taking probiotics & antibiotics at the same time: Yes or no?
  • What is the “optimal” compostion of the microbiome

Links & Resources:

Download Glossary Sheet

Dr. Ruscio’s seminar in London in January 2016

The A TO Z Weight Loss Study – Christopher Gardner

Chris Masterjohn AHS 12 talk

uBiome Microbiome Testing

SNR #22: Dr. Michael Ruscio ~ Gut Bacteria Masterclass

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