#447: Does Eating Fish Increase Skin Cancer Risk? Study Analysis

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. People In This Episode
  3. Overview
  4. Related Resources
  5. Detailed Study Notes (Premium Subscribers Only)
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A Sigma Nutrition Premium subscriber submitted the following question to us: “What are your thoughts on the recently released study in the US linking 2 servings/week, or more of fish to a 22% increase in risk of developing skin cancer?”

This was referring to a recent study that reported a higher risk of developing melanoma in people who ate a relatively high intake of fish. This study caused headlines and it was picked up by many outlets (including the New York Times, Sky News, etc.).

The current study used data from the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study which is a large long-term study involving 3.5 million US citizens aimed at improving the understanding of the relationship between diet and health.

In this episode, Alan and Danny dig into the nuances of this study to see if the headlines are justified.

People In This Episode

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  • [02.22] Context for the question and study
  • [04.20] Participants & study design
  • [07.31] Skin phototype (Fitzpatrick skin type)
  • [17.04] Study results
  • [26.06] Limitations
  • [46.50] Pragmatic conclusions

Detailed Study Notes

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