#423: Zoya Huschtscha, PhD – Understanding Sarcopenia & Potential Interventions

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Guest Information


Zoya Huschtscha, PhD

Zoya Huschtscha, PhD is a researcher and assistant lecturer at Monash University (Australia), in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. She completed her PhD at the same institution, where her research focused on interventions to prevent and treat sarcopenia; i.e. the loss of muscle function and mass, typically with age. Zoya also has a Masters of Dietetics. In addition to her academic work, she works in private practice as a sports dietitian.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Muscle protein balance
  2. Sarcopenia
  3. Anabolic resistance and proposed mechanistic causes
  4. Why the muscle doesn’t respond in the same way as it would in a healthy state to certain anabolic stimuli
  5. “The loss of muscle function to actual tissue loss seems disproportionate: i.e strength diminishes more than muscle loss would predict”
  6. Practical strategies: protein dose and distribution
  7. How do most people normally eat, particularly older adult?
  8. Impace of whole food matrices (e.g. whole eggs)
  9. Impact of resistance training
  10. Gaps in the current knowledge base

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  • Huschtscha et al., 2021 - The Effects of a High-Protein Dairy Milk Beverage With or Without Progressive Resistance Training on Fat-Free Mass, Skeletal Muscle Strength and Power, and Functional Performance in Healthy Active Older Adults: A 12-Week Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Huschtscha et al., 2021 - Sarcopenic Characteristics of Active Older Adults: a Cross-Sectional Exploration
  • Huschtscha et al., 2021 - Protein Amount, Quality and Distribution in Active Older Adults and Its Effects on Outcomes of Fat Free Mass, Skeletal Muscle Strength and Power
  • Episode #230: Stephan van Vliet, PhD – Effect of Whole Foods on the Anabolic Response, Muscle Function & Metabolism
  • van Vliet et al., 2017 - Consumption of whole eggs promotes greater stimulation of postexercise muscle protein synthesis than consumption of isonitrogenous amounts of egg whites in young men

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