#230: Stephan van Vliet, PhD – Effect of Whole Foods on the Anabolic Response, Muscle Function & Metabolism

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Guest Bio

Stephan van Vliet, PhD

Stephan is a PostDoc researcher in the Center for Human Nutrition at Washington University School of Medicine. Stephan’s research is focused on muscle metabolism.

Stephan completed his PhD research at the University of Illinois, examining the regulation of postprandial protein metabolism after food ingestion and exercise.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Do nutrient-dense whole foods have a different anabolic response to isolated protein?
  • Stephan’s study: 18g protein from whole eggs vs. 18g protein from egg whites, which showed superior MPS response for whole eggs.
  • Implications of higher nitrogen retention
  • Hypothesis that higher protein intakes (closer to 3 g.kg) may impart a benefit for immune function in athletes engaged in very intense training?
  • Is there a dampened anabolic response to protein feeding in overweight/obese people?

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