#379: Obesity & Chronic Disease Risk with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

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Guest Information


Spencer Nadolsky, DO

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky is a board-certified obesity specialist, lipidologist, and family physician. Dr. Spencer uses lifestyle as medicine to treat and prevent chronic disease via telemedicine. He speaks all around the world about weight loss and health and is also the author of The Fat Loss Prescription and The Natural Way to Beat Diabetes.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. BMI: strengths and limitations
  2. Adipose tissue type and relevance to risk
  3. Central/visceral adiposity has a different risk profile
  4. Hypertrophic vs. hyperplastic adipocytes
  5. Endocrine and inflammatory effects of different adipose tissue depots
  6. 'Metabolically Healthy Obesity'
  7. Weight bias and stigma
  8. Obesity management in healthcare

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  1. Interesting pod cast with Dr Nadolsky

    .Please could you advise if you’ve come across any studies that measure efficacy of diets beyond 5 years

    Thank you

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